make me feel good

Tuesday, October 10, 2011

today I get Up about 3.45 and I direcly to go to Masjid, Alhamdulillah I feel good than yesterday because I was standby at Masjid when the summon of player so I can do sunna prayers, sharing with Allah etc. I feel good after I doing at all, after praying shubuh as usually I read Al-Qur’an until 04.45 but I hate because after this activities I sleep again because I feel sleepy whereas I have planning for this time, it’s listening to improve my English ability, I feel hard, when I still student in mahad usually I rarery go to sleep again after shubuh because for this time, after shubuh I direckly go to “mushalla” for study the Islamic sciences with my friend. So with my heart I promise to keep trying come back with my good activities like when I still sudent.
About 06.00 o’clock I get up and direcly to preparing to go work, about 07.35 I arrived in my office. As usually I waiting command’s manajer to doing something but for today I still haven’t word schedules so I will enjoy at the office, but for me I didn’t like nothing activities so I decision to follow my fiends work who have schedules work, before go to site I goto Huawei office first to take some device, in huawei office I meet my senior in pens, it’s really supprise for me to meet her, his name brorin, I know him when I follow HIMA Telkom and he is my first firs senior who give me spirit to follow organization in campus , he give me some reason to follow organization, to choice organization etc. I feel to thanks for her but unfortunately I didn’t have many time for talk with him. After from huawei office I direcly to go site until 17.00. as long of the time I talk with my senior work, he teach me about work life, and he is give me advise to future so I’m happy because I feel be good than last time if I doing this advise.

use your time so smart..

monday, october 10, 2011

Today I get up at 04.00an o’clock together with the sound of prayer shubuh, I feel good than a few day last time because for the last time I usually get up about 5 o’clock, because in this time I live in other location, I live In temporary house with my collage, now I live in temporary house with my last student of Islamic building school, and for the next chance I wanna repair of my self to get up early,,

next after praying shubuh I don't know, why I feel sleepy whereas I have target for this time was listening english music for improve my English ability, so outside of my think I was sleepy and get up about half past six and direckly take abath to pereparing go to work. About 7.35 I arrived at my work place, I feel good, and I try to enjoy in the office while waiting of my colleague work, for today my activity of work is free, so in office I enjoy at office.

it’s general, if enterprise have proyek so the employeer is very busy and so over we are not have time to enjoy buit if enterprise not have proyek or the proyek has finished so we can enjoying and do anything. From this office I understand of the time, who the time is expensive, time is gold. In islam, time is favours gift from Allah for us, but just of few time we are forget to use the time is usefull, some time we waste our time to useless. So always to use your time so smart!

confidence and believed

monday, April 18, 2011

the lesson at this morning is importance of to make confidence to our self to solve something of will happened at that moment. if we always potive with our self and believe that the problem we can solve so we will can solve this problem, do you know why? becouse all of our think or all of our say it is included a part of the prayer,

so from now let make our activities with positive thinking and always believe if the all of problem we can solve, believe or not, it's the reality, so don't sad with our problem, make confidence and believed that Allah alway with us :)

Akibat olahraga malam

Tuesday, 12 April, 2011

Today I felt very tired, becouse last nigh I was playing basket with my friends, the game started about 23.00 wib until about 02.00, on the time my body felt fresh but after in the morning after slept I felt my body was sick, whole body feels "remek", I woke up about 4.45, after praying shubuh I straight come back to my islamic building, becouse about 5.00 o'clock I have a meeting. after meeting, I invited my friend to breakfast, I invited my friend to brekfast in around of unair becouse I've heard that many a good meal at that place, we have breakfast "nasi uduk" and "lontong padang" after have breakfast we straight come back, after arrived at islamic building I straight slept becouse I was very sleepy.. about 10.30 I woke up and preparing to campus, actually at 14.00 o'clock there are practical but unfortunately, the lecturer was unable to attend and the connection of network in the lab was disconnected by admin so we can't practice after that asisten of lecturer suggest us to practical self by self in our place..

about 18.00 I was liqo'at at manarul ilmi until Isya', after praying I straight to upt for course of jerman language until about 20.00,,

malam yang menyenangkan...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Now at 21:06 PM, I recently attended a wonderful event, this event is workshop "sukses bisnis property" at wisma dharmala 3rd floor room 308, Jl. Sudirman no. 101-103 by dava property, I invited to came this event by my "mentor" of my islamic community "liqo'at Al-fath", my spirit really burned when arrived on this event, I was in middle of property entrepreneurs, I felt really lucky to came this event, I came to this event with my friends who have the same dream to become a successful entrepreneurs althought later we have a different way but we believe our future will be usefull man for many people around of us even our nation.

the event started at 17:00 until 20:00, but I forced my friends to depart from campus to this event at 16:00 so we arrived to location of this event at 16:30 pm, becouse I thought this event handled by professional property where for their, time is so precious same with my principles.hehe,, I likes ontime, for me the time is very expensive becouse time cannot repeated so we must be carefully in using the time.

about 17.00 pm the event is started but, before the event started we invited to drink coffe or tea by host. honestly, it's the first time I attended event where before event tarted we invited to drink of coffe. I agree of this way, becouse that I was more focused to receive material.

(to be continued)

ga' terasa sudah 3,5tahunan menimba Ilmu dimahad

sunday, April 3, 2011

I felt not aware if I have been living in mahad,, I remembered when it was without considerate lived in here, initially I was only want to know this place. I was know this place from my mentor of liqo'at communty, at the time, I and my friends invited by mentor for discussion about Pemira ITS,, after discussion I tried to saw anything in this place, I felt this place is different with my place at the time becouse this place is really Islami environments and after that suddenly I decided to register to member of this place, so the next day I collected more infomation about this place including how to register, Alhamdulillah after completion with some tests, finally I immediately accepted, whereas according of my friend, if you want to live in here, you must waited notification +/- 1 mingguan..Alhamdulillah..

in mahad, a lot of experience and knowledge I gained becouse santri in this place were all activist of the campus, there were secretary general, minister and crew of BEM, former chairman of JMMI-ITS etc,, so I learned a lot from them especially in the field of leadership, I was very grateful to Allah SWT..

now, not aware I was senior in this place, many of the senior than me has already graduated from ITS and has worked in some big company,, I hope sometimes we all can to meet again,,always keep spirit friends, let's do the big changes for make our country became better and dignified. Aamiin allahumma aamiin...

My love story Part III

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

there are interesting story when I was junior high school, when I was in this school , I have group of friends, one day we all felt likes with a girl, this girl is our friend in pramuka and from different school. we met her when there were training together, we all always met her becouse coach of pramuka in my school was close friend her coach so we often trained together.

one day, Pramuka held a camp along with other school including her school. one time without accidentally I was alone with her in her tent so I tried to invite her to talk with me, I tried to joking and I saw he enjoyed with my joke so I continued joking a few times, it is my first time to talk with girl.

the event was finished and we felt familiar with the girl becouse we often met and talk with her so after this event we all often to communicate with her through sms and one time we have plan to visite her home, in her home I felt threated special he invited me to help her buy something for our. during the trip I saw her shy and occasionally he tried to talk with me so I tried to create confortable and pleasant atmosphere for him..

on 25 february, she gave gifts to us, we surprised and didn't believe with that, she gave us two gift, this gift was different, the first prize was candy while the second prize was chocolate bars, initially we all didn't know becouse this prize in condition of wrapped. that time I was very happy, unexpected that the prize in condition of wrapped was specially for me, you know this date was valentine day so this prize as an expression that she likes me, this time I didn't know if valentine's day have actually prohibited in Islam so I accepted this gift.